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09-Jan-2018 22:55

There are five different levels of pleasure – each a class unto itself. Is that more, or less, than eating an ice cream cone? Counterfeit Pleasures Sometimes, people believe they are getting real pleasure – but they get cheated.

The Pleasure Plane The different classes of pleasure can be compared to seats on an airplane. For example, sex is a real pleasure, but pornography is counterfeit.

And, the sad thing is, sometimes it becomes too hard and they let go.

They travel their whole life in fifth class, just barely hanging on.

A new woman that’s not wisened up to his him yet is fresh meat but eventually, when she expects too much or sees through him, he’ll be revealing his usual self.

This is why I keep telling women to stop trying to raise men from the ground up and change them because the overwhelming likelihood is that it’s the NEXT woman that profits from your rennovation whilst you sit there in negative equity!

If you met an attached guy who when he disclosed the fact that he was in a relationship, you told him to take a run and jump and telling him to go and to come back when he’s got his house in order, he’d actually have greater respect for you.

It may seem exciting at first, but excitement and energy are not the same and should not be confused.

Often with the next woman, she won’t put up with the same crap so he tries much harder.

That’s not to say that he won’t revert to himself at a different juncture but right now (and you know that most of these men don’t think too far ahead), she seems ‘different’. If you met an attached guy and stood by his side whilst he went home to his wife, he’d mark you down for it.

Especially when it comes to assclowns and habitually emotionally unavailable men, they need attention in the form of ego stroking, a convenient shag, and a smokescreen that let’s themselves believe that they are not the assclown that they actually are.

Some need to prove they’ve still got ‘it’, some are afraid to look in the mirror and see themselves for what they are, some are afraid of what it means to have another ‘failed’ relationship, and some just like having someone there.

If you’re a Fallback Girl, they’ll slink back to you in between…