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29-Dec-2017 16:03

And with a rotating set of fun features and filters, it’s also the response to Facebook and Twitter’s stale experiences.

As with any social network, much of your Snapchat experience will depend on who you follow, but on this one you’re less likely to find carefully composed posts.

If you would like to learn more about the different areas of the main page visit the quick tour, otherwise read on!

When you click the Settings link after hovering over your user avatar (indicated by 1 on the image to the right) the main screen will change to the user settings page.

If you are anxious to start exploring So Furry the easiest way is to simply use one of the Provided Avatars.

While there are as many ways to use So Furry as their are So Furry users, we've come up with few features that may differ from other sites that you may want to know about.

To the 310 million monthly active Snapchat users, many of whom are in their teens and early 20s: Sorry, but old people are about to crash your party. And that is exactly why the app is exploding in use, even recently overtaking Twitter in terms of daily users.

Now that you have the settings page up it's time to set a few parameters.

At the top of the settings page their is a set of links titled Site, Account, Display, Profile, Browse, Privacy Settings, Notifications, Forums, and Chat.

For instance, if you tap on the shutter button it will take a photo, but if you hold down on it, Snapchat will record video.

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