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22-Nov-2017 13:40

The manufacturer of my motherboard doesn't enable me todo this, but you and your site has. Thank mate, have a great [email protected] Big Dook: You are welcome! " If your mainboard doesn't support booting in UEFI mode, your Intel SATA RAID Controller always will use the Intel RAID ROM module of your mainboard BIOS. Best regards For your H57 chipset I do not recommend to insert any Intel RAID ROM of the v13.x.series, because they are designed for Intel's 8- and 9-Series chipsets.

I am glad, that you succeeded with your modded BIOS, and it was a pleasure for me, that I could help. You will get better results with the Intel RST driver/ROM combo v11.2.0.1006/v11.2.0.1527.

So am following the guide, and appear to of fallen at the first hurdle. As you have already verified, it is not possible to update any module of your Gigabyte mainboard BIOS by opening the entire BIOS file with CBROM. Yup, Fernando's the man :)I HAVE been having some random BSOD and lock ups since doing it though, but i've not confirmed it's down to my RAID Controller yet.

I run againest the latest firmware for my mobo from Gigabyte, and it shows the following: Now from your guides, i'm supposed to see various modules (inc the RAID) but here...only seeing 2? The reason is, that Gigabyte has blown up the size of the BIOS to 8 MB, although the BIOS modules themselves only are using 1 MB. If you do experience anything as such, please let me know. I have a GA-H57-USB3 too and I'd like to ask 2 small questions :- If I update only Intel raid bios, will am I able to boot on a 3 To raid1 even if my mainboard doesn't support EFI?

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Hello, I recently updated the bios on my maximus VII hero to the latest one (december iirc) and intel rapid storage technology stopped working. I already tried on the Standard SATA AHCI controller and the Microsoft Storage Spaces controller and it just didn't 'grab' the driver I manually specified.

If you encounter problems while updating the new BIOS, DO NOT turn off your system since this corrupt BIOS might cause your system failed to boot up.I flashed with the latest BIOS (as of yesterday) from the support website, which is 2201... I have just realized that only 6 SATA ports out of the 8 are supported by the intel chipset, the other 2 are ASMedia connectors.I noticed that a new bios was JUST released but I don't think that will fix it. I switched the SSD back to one of the six intel ports.One that’s fast, if you do this only once per year and one that’s faster if you do it more often (of if you flash other GIGABYTE motherboards when you produce PCs for friends).

Do you always get the message: ”The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running…” when you try to run the flash tool?So if you want to modify the BIOS modules, you have to do the following: BUY THAT MAN A BEER!!!! Many thanks to Big Dook for asking you the question (I found you thanks to him). - Could I install Windows 7 32 bits or should I need a 64 bits version?

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