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08-Aug-2017 18:01

This IP address is coming up on as my IP address from Yahoo! I think someone is using email addresses from Hotmail and Yahoo to scam and spam. She (Carol) died shorly after giving birth to their second child right after Hurricaine Katrina. definitely a scammer.contacted me thru seniorpeoplemeet. claimed his name was Kevin Sccneider, that he was German but while traveling in US met his wife in New Orleans.He claims he is an architect and is working on a project in Malaysia.

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It is important to note that female romance scammers and female romance scam are on the rise.

The citizens should inform the public about these types of love scammers through this immaculate website.

The tweeters and frequent internet users who always socialize with other people through chatting should exercise caution while chatting with Accra, Ghana citizens since most of the scammers belonging to this country have the habit of looting money from the public.

Almost all of is friends are that he is in or was in the service - likes to show that he supports the troups. Makes many promises (talks about how he will make life so amazing for you with his vast money)....delivers NOTHING.

However, no one in service can seem to locate him... Almost all of is friends are female (mostly curvy women with big boobs) that he recently retired from the Navy and that he is frequently a patient at the Phillidelphia VA hospital (they have never heard of him) He is a fake - be very careful, he will promise you the world and give you nothing but more promises.He kept up this long elaborate lie for 5 months, always asking for money but This scammer is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and boy has he scammed me. Said he was from Buffalo, NY but nothing ever shows up. They are a organize group who not only go on face book but most dating sites as well they will tell you every thing you want to hear but don't beleave them or send them any money even if it sounds real .