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It could not be Taiwan because it is not "of many islands." Only the present day Philippines could satisfy the description.Settlements were established at selected places to trade and process the gold and silver.Settlements were found in India, Burma, Sumatra, and Vietnam (Annam and Cochin China).Spanish records mention of a mysterious people known as Lequios.In old translations of the Bible it was supposed also to be a place.However, in new translations of the Bible, it is used to refer to the fleet that went to Ophir.Modern historians variously identified them as Okinawans, Koreans, or Vietnamese.They were favorite targets of Spanish ships during the time of General Miguel Lopez de Legazpi because the ships of the Lequios were always laden with gold and silver.

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Both Black and White, because they were taught that there were no Blacks in Europe until the Romans brought them.The ships will collect the gold and silver and bring it to King Solomon.