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lots of levels and i guarantee that you'll get a lot of gameplay hours since you have to scavage for all the items to craft, building your strengh, speed, and intellanct.

This was free with gold a while ago so I thought I might as well try it.

"Carefully plan and execute an intricate escape from your initial incarceration with your fellow inmates," says Team 17.

"[Do so] either online or locally, or simply hop into an existing game already in progress to help pull off the final touches of the escape!

Mouldy Toof Studios and Team 17's The Escapists 2 was announced in October 2016, and offered a glimpse at its newest wild western-styled map earlier this year.

It's now got a launch date, August 22, and has marked the occasion with a new trailer.

According to science, if you met your spouse online, you're more likely to have a satisfying marriage and less likely to divorce.The sequel will provide more of the prison-break gameplay found in the original, with a whole host of new features and a new drop-in/drop-out multiplayer mode.The game is coming to PC, Play Station 4, and Xbox One on August 22 and will cost .A version for Nintendo Switch is also on the cards, although there's no word yet on when that will arrive.

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The original Escapists was a huge success, and sold millions of copies.

The original The Escapists puts players in a sandbox-style prison simulation where you and fellow inmates devise a way to break out.