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But thou^jh the Government has oeen wa{^ineoolo boundless, but vrhsn it .'jnally reaches its lirut, th.. ACCIDENTS ON IHE RAILROADS (Editorial) The Interstate Commerce Commission has compiled a report of railroad accidents which occurred during the fiscal year that ended June 30.

peoole ./ill annihil:ite the trust hydra so tiiat no trace of it i/ill renain. According to the Commission's statistics, 356 passengers were killed, of which number the railroads admit responsibility for the death of only 96.

The people here would consume all tho meat which is exported if it v/ere not sold here as thou.^h it vjere v:orth its v/eight in gold — a consequence of th dishonest manipulations of the trusts. This po-zrerful orrrniz-^tion v/hich has millions of dollars at its di SDOsal, v/hich can command the cleverest lavr/ers, and "^/hich has oeen able to bribe 'Witnesses and not infre-^uently judres, is defending:; itself with all its nirht; the has a real task on its hands if it reallv intends to behead this tiydra.

The battle is interestinr — and expensive for all concernedl The Croverninent knov/s v;e21 that if it succeeds in vsnauishinr tne meat trust — the most po V'erful, financially, arter the oil and steel trusts, and at the same time the best orf*anized and the most influential — it v/ill have an easier timie handling the other trusts.

The most recent message, for example, requires eighty-four pages for the original text and eighteen pages for supplements. We are not going to enumerate here everything which President Taft considered it necessary to talk about in this book.

Ihere are several points, however, that might interest a wide group of citizens.

For instance, a sev/ini^ machine imported from rumorican factories can be bou'iit in Poland, under ussian domination, for "ifty rubles, whereas here one D 1 a - 6 - POJJS-I I H Dziennik ./.vjiazkov Q'' , Jec, 18, 1911 • i Ti Ust pay bctvjeen sixty -md s vont^r-five dollars for the saie jiachine.bankrupt through c^eneral stagnation, then v;e 7;ili i-rivo their, some .^ood advice v:hich will save the country froai such an eventuality. Then, :ieat consurrmtion v;ill double and will offset the losses sustained oy the trust in its forei/^ji iteiu v;hat3ver the trust demands, especially since *.v^ryone knows that one can pur- chase fresh, dried, saltor , or nroservod /viierican meat in the ^^nglish market chearier than aere. volune of business, t^^ nent trust sells its products at a smaller i^rofit abroad, and makes this up on us, know- in? hi^^ih tariff ^^irotects tho trusts from all foreign comr^etition.Of railroad employees, 3,602 were killed this year.

The companies answer for the deaths of 1,201 of these people, while 2,401 are said to have been responsible for their own death. crossinrs v/here there v;ere no ^i^a^-^s and no signals; nevertheless, it v/as not the zx^'^^^^^J companies, but the unfortunate employees of the railroad I.ioloch v;ho v;ere blcjr;ed.Con L.ierco and indu Sw Py cannot remain in the hands of a fav; people vfao exploit these tv:o Iranches of our national economy for their ov;n benefit, robbing, rrdllions of citizens in the process.