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The Mistresses, of course, knew all about Laura's unusual and commanding role, and themselves found it pleasurable to retire to her commodious quarters after hours to engage in some play of their own.

At these times, the seemingly-detached Miss Franklin became the leading domme of the hour.

"Diana," Laura went on, "please use the small white cloth to check on the cleanliness of Anne's anus for us." The 19-year-old Prefect proceeded to hold Anne's cheeks apart and slide the little cloth deep into the teacher's bottom-hole.

Upon seeing Laura signal her, Diana slowly withdrew the cloth, held it to her nose, and grimaced. "It looks like she's somewhat poopy in there," Diana remarked with a grin.

"Anne," Laura went on, "I did enjoy seeing how you taught the boys and those two women the facts of life today." She was referring to Anne's class of middle-aged men dressed in junior boys' short pants uniforms who were instructed in sex by having one of their number engage in intercourse on the table at the front of the class with the middle-aged Marcia White.

"Please lift your skirt and lower your panties so I may have Diana conduct an inspection," the young domme off-handedly directed her contemporary.

Anne also possessed a nice sadistic streak that cherished putting middle-aged women and men through their paces; she relished the situation where these older folks, normally in control of most of their lives, were made to submit to the whims of a dominant 25-year-old.

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Laura had become friendly with Melody Haynes, a middle-aged teacher in her 50s who no longer could dominate her pupils as she had in the earlier times before Laura had been at school.

Anne Smithers, who also was a teacher at the weekend school, had been a classmate of Laura's.

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