How to talk to an intimidating boss

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First appearing on Mercury and thus being the first boss that players must fight, he then appears again, somehow fully alive, on Ceres as a dual boss battle alongside Lieutenant Lech Kril, then appearing later yet again as a Corrupted version of himself within the Void. He has been marked by the Lotus for assassination for upsetting the balance in the system by killing several political opponents.

He is also known for being heavily modified with Grineer alterations, having little noticeable remaining flesh while he rides in his giant Terra Frame.

Although a more bulky and old model compared to more recent Corpus robotics, the Jackal possesses invulnerable shields, a giant shockwave ability to knock players down, and one of the most powerful corpus weapons, the Plasma Grenade Cluster.

Dissected models of the Jackal can be found in some Grineer tilesets, either showing that the Grineer have interest in utilizing Corpus technology, or that they have simply purchased merchandise.

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They work in packs of up to four with each of them possessing a unique set of abilities.

Bloodthirsty and sadistic, De Thaym owns the combat arena known as Rathuum, where would-be defectors are forced to fight for their freedom against Kela's Executioners, to the delight of her audience.

Tyl Regor is the final boss of the Uranus system and the head researcher focusing on Grineer gene repair in an attempt to reverse the negative effects from excessive cloning.

Upon death, Ambulas has a chance of dropping Morphics.

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Challenging Ambulas on Hades, Pluto requires 40 Animo Nav Beacons.Upon successful completion of the mission, 20 Animo Beacons will be refunded.