Ip banned online dating site

19-Jun-2017 12:09

In that time I’ve sent thousands upon thousands of openers, communicated with hundreds of women, used scores of different profiles, and done so on numerous different dating sites.

All without ever getting banned, or even warned, by any of them. Now I realize that some guys looking for fast ONS sex actually to get sexual in their profile.

If you mix this method with the 24/24 Rule, you’re really going to be protected from getting banned. Stop yourself before you say something mean, even if you have a good reason. That means that if you’re even a little mean to any woman on a dating site, even if you think you have a good reason, even if “she started it” (what are we, in kindergarten? If a woman on a dating site is acting like a bitch or psycho, just ignore her and block her.

There are a variety of methods to banning someone from a website, forum, game or chat. Many online games have a unique token that is passed during online gaming.

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Remember, the dating sites have a surplus of men, but not enough women.

Some methods of banning may include one or more of the above so we'd suggest that you do as much as is reasonable from the above solutions.