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he Irish nation of today is descended from a rich cultural and genealogical mixture of all these peoples, who came conquered and in the fullness of time integrated, giving rise to the phrase 'More Irish than the Irish themselves.' e have attempted to present this page as an impartial account of historical events as they unfolded in Ireland.

Our sources were many and often presented conflicting accounts, as of course is only to be expected.

Gradually, monasteries became an important feature of Christian life in Ireland. missionaries to leave Ireland, although it could be said there were extenuating circumstance.

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In the years that followed, many monasteries were founded throughout the country. Scripture and theology were the chief subjects of study at these schools.

Some scholars are of the opinion that the Patrick story was invented entirely by the Catholic church, but all scholars agree that the people eventually accepted the new religion without much opposition. The monasteries became so important that the system of dioceses founded by St. Each monastery was independent, and the abbots of the monasteries eventually became more powerful than the bishops.

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