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In neither case were charges brought against the brothel owners." Article 19 of the Constitution states, "The private actions of people that do not offend in any way the public order and morality, nor damage a third person, are only reserved to God, and are exempt from the authority of the magistrates." "[P]rostitutes throughout Argentina are casting off police persecution and demanding the same rights as other workers.They have formed the Association of Women Prostitutes of Argentina, or Ammar - the word amar means to love in Spanish - ... In the coming months, the nine-year-old organisation plans its boldest step yet: to demand government recognition as an official union.There were a number of brothels that catered primarily to the local population...There are no laws that specifically address trafficking in persons, and there were occasional reports of trafficking in women to the country.Italy, Macedonia, and Kosovo were also destinations, with many victims trafficked onward to Western Europe.Traffickers largely used overland routes or falsified documents to transport their victims by airplane or ferry.Tantra is an ancient set of sacred principles that promote enlightenment through the erotic body and senses.

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1,700 Argentine prostitutes [are] now registered as members of Ammar, whose leaders say government recognition would give the organisation the legal standing to fight for the decriminalisation of prostitution.The MINFAMU [Ministry of Family and the Promotion of Women] maintained a women's shelter in Luanda that was open to former prostitutes...