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"My friend says this prayer: 'Thank you, God, for everything you gave me, and thank you more for everything you took.' I believe that." Today, at 53, she's a woman transformed.

"People call and want me to play parts that I used to play.

Number 2, I wasn't pissed off at my dad, even when I was old enough to know what he and mom were doing in the bedroom.

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Describing herself as a Buddhist today, Stone nonetheless claims an abiding belief in a traditional God.

And long before she revealed an interest in acting — "I kept a lid on it in Meadville because it would have been like saying, 'I want to be an astronaut' " — Stone dreamed of being a mother with a house full of kids. "Even when I was young, I used to look up how to adopt." So at the height of Stone's career, after she'd landed her breakout, sexually provocative acting role in Basic Instinct in 1992 and won acclaim for Casino, she moved to San Francisco in 1998 to settle in with second husband Bronstein (her first marriage, to producer Michael Greenburg, ended in 1987) and start a family.

While the couple tried getting pregnant in the traditional way, they also met with attorneys to start the adoption process.

Over the past dozen years she has suffered two miscarriages; undergone a bitter divorce from her second husband, San Francisco newspaper editor Phil Bronstein; lost a custody battle with Bronstein over their adopted son, Roan, now 11; witnessed her beloved father, Joseph Stone, succumb to esophageal cancer; and endured critical and commercial flops that slowed her once-soaring film career.

Now a single parent to two more sons she adopted in infancy — Laird, 6, and Quinn, 5 — Stone says the hardships have strengthened her.

” ‘My friends will know who you are.’ ” After the Oscar winner argued that his son wasn’t well versed in his acclaimed career, Dylan retorted that he had, in fact, seen 1987’s ?