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Any function that is assigned to a variable can be issued the new command, and an object will be created.

The example below shows how a constructor function is defined, and how it accepts name and age values that are assigned to the “Person” variable: As you can see, Java Script does not have classes as with other classical OO languages such as Java or C#.

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I have shown you a very basic way to implement inheritance, but there are more nuances (such as overriding and super mechanism) that have to be considered. Yes, Java Script provides support for formal getter/setters.So, I’d like to introduce some basic object oriented Java Script concepts.Java Script is dynamic, meaning that when you define things such as function, expressions, or variables — they are defined.Age and name properties are added with the expressions below: Functions are also objects, and are used to create methods.

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Essentially, a function object is defined and assigned to an object property.

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