Which property of isotopes is important in dating

06-Sep-2017 18:56

In air the metal tarnishes and when finely divided breaks into flames. Though discovered (1789) by German chemist Dmitry Mendeleyev in 1869 focused attention on uranium as the heaviest chemical element, a position that it held until the discovery of the first transuranium element neptunium in 1940.In 1896 the French physicist radioactivity, a term first used in 1898 by French physicists Marie and Pierre Curie.These and other recoverable uranium ores, as sources of nuclear fuels, contain many times more energy than all the known recoverable deposits of fossil fuels.One pound of uranium yields as much energy as 1.4 million kilograms (3 million pounds) of coal.These long half-lives make determinations of the age of Earth possible by measuring the amounts of lead, uranium’s ultimate decay product, in certain uranium-containing rocks.

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