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Now there seems to be a plethora of websites, such as Elite Singles, Match Affinity, as well as those already mentioned.

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We met through online dating, so I have no issues with the actual idea behind it.

Captive breeing programs are also of limited, but admittedly for the most part probably very limited, utility. We should strive to improve zoos as much as possible, but I think they serve a genuine purpose that for urban kids in particular might be irreplaceable. Some people insist that zoos are prisons for animals, but I think of them more like retirement communities.

If the animals are neglected or abused in any way, it will quickly get the public spotlight and be bad for business. In my opinion the number one reason is teaching our kids to appreciate animals and about animals. The protecting of severely endangered animals is another great reason, but IMHO second even to the educational mission that most Zoos appear to embrace these days.

In the 10 years since I used online dating, things have changed a lot.

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Previously, there was not a great amount of websites (I can only remember POF and I think e Harmony and Match were around then).Stanger and her highly trained staff personally match every member according to their exact preferences and requirements, and follow up with each one on a regular basis.